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The Kilfinan Way

phone boxThis phone box lies approximately 50 metres from the Hotel. Inside you will find a chair! Although mobile reception is available at the Hotel, you have to position yourself fairly accurately to find the hot spots! We've discovered that, if our guests can be weaned off of their mobiles, they tend to have a much more relaxing stay with us. However, just like giving up smoking, the first 24 hours can be difficult and a favourite book or malt in front of our log fire may be required to ease the separation process! Likewise, the TV reception is non existent! However, we think that being surrounded by stunning scenery means that if you come to Kilfinan to watch TV, then you are rather missing out! Archie

At the Kilfinan Hotel, we believe in offering our guests informal comfort and hospitality in traditional, relaxing surroundings. We want to make the hotel a calming country retreat for travellers, and a place where couples and families alike are welcome.

You can anticipate friendly, efficient and relaxed service, and an environment to help you escape for a day or two from the treadmill of modern day pressures of life.


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